Want A Business That You Can Feel Good About, That Leaves The World A Better Place,
And Still Makes You Money?

I Can Help, (And If I Fail To Deliver, I Will GIVE You $500).  Keep Reading To Learn How...

We need to be honest with ourselves... Virtually every business causes some damage to the world. And if we keep going the way we are, there will be little left for future generations, including our own children.

Thankfully there is much we can do to make our businesses become less of the problem, and more of the solution. And the great news is that by becoming more environmentally sustainable, your business can become more financially sustainable too.

Of course the real benefit is not the cost savings, or the extra money you can make. It is feeling good about what you do, and the knowledge that you did your best to look after this incredible world.​

A while back I was being interviewed when I got thrown an unexpected question, "Who is your favourite superhero?" I had to pause for thought, no one had ever asked this before. "Elon Musk" I replied. "He is trying to save the world in a big way, and to me that makes him a real life superhero."

Of course, Elon is not the only superhero out there. Indeed, I believe every man and woman trying to build a more sustainable business is a superhero. And right now we need as many superheroes as we can get.

And from that one question, my mission was born. To save the world by helping others build better, more sustainable businesses. (Perhaps you?)

I don't know about you, but I want to be able to look my daughter in the eye, and tell her I did my very best to save the world. 

 Before we go any further...

I want to be upfront with you. I am not cheap (but I am good value). I work with a maximum of six businesses at a time, and only those serious about social responsibility. If you are just looking for some marketing angle to position yourself as 'green', then sorry, I am not your man.

You don't need to be running a sustainable business, but you must be committed to sustainability and open to change. (While still increasing revenue of course.)

 Q)  How can you help me?

Social Hero

Right now, our children need us to be real superheroes

  • I will help you craft a clear personal and professional purpose, that fills you with passion, inspires others, and gives you reason to live (with this, life becomes a whole lot more meaningful and fun!)
  • Help you identify opportunities to create sustainable products or services that you are proud of (and which virtually sell themselves)
  • Find ways for you to reduce your environmental footprint, allowing you to do your part to help save the world (while often saving money at the same time)
  • Identify additional revenue opportunities for your business, (or if you are currently unprofitable, I will help you to find ways to monetise your current project)
  • Improve your marketing and conversions to make you more money (for years I have done this for non socially responsible business, and it is just as easy, if not easier to do for sustainably focused businesses)
  • Spot ways to systematize, automate, and scale your business (this increases efficiency, reduces waste, and is the real key to lowering stress and growing long term profits)

Think of me as part consultant, part coach, and part mentor.

Sometimes you just need someone with experience to look in from the outside, and to see the hidden opportunities or solutions that you are currently missing. Other times you need someone to bounce ideas off, or gain clarity. Often it is simply to hold you accountable, and keep you on track. Usually it is a mix of all these things.

 Q)  So, who are you anyway?

Business Passion

Start living a life with purpose, passion, and profit

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Leon Jay.

As well as being the founder of Socialpreneur.TV, I am author of four books on business and marketing. I served as Director of Marketing for a 7 figure a year company, I have taught digital marketing on stages around the world, and I have both founded and consulted on multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

I am currently writing my fifth book, which is devoted to saving the world through sustainable enterprise. 

 Q)  If you are an entrepreneur, then why do consulting?

A very good question! A while back I realized that the businesses I were building were okay, but they were not allowing me to really help solve the world's problems. Certainly not on the scale I knew possible.

I played around with the idea of starting a couple of different projects, but then I had an epiphany... I realized that for me to help create the biggest possible impact, my time was best spent helping other business owners to be more sustainable, and successful, in their businesses.

(Also, consulting with the right people is a lot of fun.)

Leon Jay Consultant

Me, on stage in China

Leon has created an unusually high quality information source for online marketing."

James Schramko

 Q)  Do you offer any guarantee?

Sure. I believe that business should always be a win win relationship. If I can't help you, then it would not be fair or ethical to take your money.

If by the end of our first session together, if you don't believe you have received more than enough value to replay your investment several times over, then just say so, and you don't need to pay a penny.  My loss.

In fact, if you really believe it was a total waste, I will even send you $500 to cover your time.​ 

And another thing... Unlike some, I don't lock my clients into contracts. We can work together for only as long as it keeps benefiting you.

If you reach that point you no longer need my help, or you find someone you think can do a better job, then you are free to move on with no hard feelings. 

 Q)  Will you work with me?

For me to work with you, you must meet the following criteria...

  • You must be willing to make continual changes in your business, and consistently work to improve its level of sustainability
  • You must have either reasonable cash flow, or significant investment capital to cover my fees, and to invest into improvements where needed
  • You must be working with a team, internally or externally (sorry, no 'solopreneurs' that believe in trying to do everything alone)
  • You must be willing to put the planet before company profit (but obviously not at the cost of the business, or your personal income)
  • While I don't lock clients into contracts, I do expect you to be in this for at least a few months (assuming all goes well)
  • You must be punctual for meetings (I value my time and yours, I expect my clients to do the same in return)

With just a 5 minute conversation about your business, Leon Jay can completely deconstruct its strengths and weaknesses and come up with a coherent plan for action to elevate your profits to the next level"

Neyma Jahan

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time on the phone with Leon, and benefit from his first hand accounts of success and failure; nothing is hypothetical, and all information is current.

I didn’t even know how to build an email list before I met Leon. So, I can confidently say that without his tutelage, I wouldn’t have had a successful Kickstarter."

Kyle Barraclough

 Q)  I get it, and I'm onboard. So what's the investment?

I don't bill by the hour. I have been an entrepreneur virtually my whole life, and I don't think of my time in terms of dollars per hour (and I hope you don't either). Instead I focus on value provided per dollar.

Rather than a fixed hourly rate, I charge US$2,700/month, or US$27,000 per year if paid in advance. This prevents either of us clock watching, and makes sure that you get the help you need (regardless of how long it takes).

And unlike those who bill by the hour, I do what needs to be done. I am available to you as much as you need, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 12pm, via phone, skype, or email. In addition to this we will also have scheduled monthly meetings, ensuring your project makes progress, and gets results.

I have helped many people make my entire yearly fee in less than one hour of consulting, so I am certain that if you put in the work, we can multiply your investment many times over.

​(This fee also helps cover the running costs of www.socialpreneur.tv. So you can feel good knowing that your investment helps makes the world a better place through the work this site does.)

 Q)  What next?

You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to that hour."

Jim Rohan

As I mentioned, I only work with six businesses at any given time. More than this and I can't deliver real value. I am also fussy about who I work with. (I would rather keep a slot open, than take on any client just to fill it.)

If you are interested to work together, and feel you meet the criteria previously mentioned, then enter your name and email below. I will send you an email with questions, and we can begin the application process.

Please understand these slots are on a first come first served basis. Should there be no availability when you apply, you will go on a waitlist (therefore the sooner you apply the better).

So, are you ready to step up and lead by example? To live a life of purpose, passion, and profit? To inspire others? To fight for justice, freedom, and to help save the world? And ultimately, to create a business that you and your family can be proud of?

Then let's begin. Together, we will make both your business, and the world, a better place. Just enter your name and email address below to start your application now...

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