An Invitation To Join A Small Select Group Of Socialpreneurs

The Socialpreneur Mastermind is a small group, limited to 6 members only, who meet together online to find solutions to making the world a better place through building better businesses.

Members believe that business is the most effective medium for creating positive change in the world, while being profitable so as to provide a quality life for its founders and employees.

Each member is aiming to improve the following critical areas of their business:

1) Continually improve their product or service to provide better and better solutions to the world's problems

2) Continually improve the way they run and operate their business to become more sustainable in the way that it operates

3) Continually look for ways to make their business a better place to work for team members

4) Continually work to increase the profitability of their business

Members should be dedicated to the mission of socialpreneurship, committed to success in their business and committed to the mastermind and assisting each of the other members. If applying please include the following in your application:

1) Your name

2) Your business name and a description of its purpose along with its age and any relevant URLs

3) Any relevant training or experience you may be able to offer the group

4) Your purpose for joining the group (what benefit do you want to gain from becoming a member?)

5) What you hope to be able to contribute to the group

6) Your contact details to arrange an interview

All applicants will be required to go through the following process:

1) Submit the above information

2) If the application is pre approved you will be requested to have an interview (via Skype)

3) If the interview is approved your application will be reviewed by all group members

4) If all group members approve you will be requested to attend a trial meeting

5) After the trial meeting other existing members will then vote and you will then be notified if you have been accepted or not.

This process is strict and ensure only the highest level of participants, so you can be rest assured the group will deliver results. Good luck...

Mastermind Sessions: Second and fourth week on Sunday of the month at 8:00am Pacific/Auckland(UTC+12:00)

You can apply to join by clicking here.‚Äč