How To Contribute To ​The Socialpreneur Community

Contribute To ​The Socialpreneur Community

Show you care and share

Have something to share?

Perhaps you have some ideas on how businesses can be more environmentally friendly, create better products or build better teams. Maybe you have some experience building your own company that is founded on socialpreneurship. Or have you transitioned an existing business to improve its products, values or purpose?

If so then we would love to help you spread your story or message.

You can contribute in one of several ways:

  • Send us an article you have written, or a video of a presentation you have given 
  • Provide us with infograhics you think are relevant
  • Let us interview you so you can share your ideas, inspiration and/or experiences.

Interviews can be anything from 10 or 20 minutes to as long as an hour or more. Just whatever time is required to deliver the information you need to, without dragging things out to be longer than they need or rushing things.

A video call or screen share is preferred (as can deliver more value and engage the audience more than just an audio), but audio only is OK too if you are unable or uncomfortable to use video.To book a time to be interviewed click the big button below.

Thanks for sharing...

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