About SocialpreneurTV

SocialpreneurTV is a project aimed at helping transform the goals and actions of entrepreneurs and businesses to become more sustainable and socially orientated.

Businesses, perhaps more so than governments, determine our societies and the future of this planet. Consumers can only choose from what is available, businesses give them that choice.

Everything from the food we eat, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, the services we use, the cars we drive to the beds we sleep in are products of business.

At SocialpreneurTV we believe that it is our responsibility as business owners to make the right choices. Choices over what products or services we choose to sell, what materials we use, which suppliers we work with, how we treat our staff and how we look after our customers.

We also believe that this does not mean that you must run a charity.

To be ethical and sustainable,
it is also important to be profitable.

SocialpreneurTV was founded by Leon Jay. Leon is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping other businesses to change the world for the better. You can learn more about Leon, his books and how to work with him at www.leonjay.info.

Business and Sustainability

Sustainability and business go hand in hand

Poverty is not only a lack of money, it's a lack of sense of meaning.”

- David Bornstein