Designing Better Businesses

In this video presentation, Leon Jay shows you how to ask better questions to design a better business.

Known as ‘The 5 P’s of Priority’, his unique framework provides entrepreneurs at any stage of their business a method to identify what they should be doing, and how to go about it.

He also explains why and how business should deliver more than just money to its owner, and the teams that operate it.

A true entrepreneur is an artist with business as his or her canvas”
LEON JAY , Create, Automate, Accelerate


Leon Jay is an international author, speaker, and entrepreneur.He was co-founder of a project that generated $1.4 million in 10 days, as well as having partnered or consulted on multiple other 6 and 7 figure launches. He is also co-founder of CopySniper, FusionHQ, and Socialpreneur.TV.

Originally from the UK, and having lived in Thailand (where he also co-founded a co-work space for Digital Nomads and internet entrepreneurs) for 7 years, he now calls New Zealand home.

To keep in contact with Leon connect with him via his website

Leon Jay

Leon is author of several books on the topic of business, an international speaker, and consultant. He has worked as Director of Marketing for an online personal development company, co-founded a variety projects that have each generated multiple 6 and 7 figures, and is the founder of SocialpreneurTV. He is passionate about helping businesses find creative solutions to operate in more environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable ways.

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