Changing The Way We Think About Work

Barry Schwartz

In this TED presentation Barry Schwartz, author of Why We Work, explains why we are approaching work with a false logic that leaves business owners and employees dissatisfied with their lives.

He shows us a new path that could radically change the type of business entrepreneurs build; and the way business owners manage and motivate their employees.

“In an ideal world, nobody’s work would be just about the money. People could pursue excellence in what they do, take pride in achievement, and derive meaning from knowing that their work improved the lives of others.”

Barry Schwartz is a US psychologist and professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College and has written many editorials for The New York Times.

He has written eight books to date, including ‘Why We Work’ and ‘The Paradox Of Choice’, both of which have been received with huge praise.

His research has uncovered some of the greatest mysteries around human behaviors and motivation and has exposed many previously held misconceptions.

Leon Jay

Leon is author of several books on the topic of business, an international speaker, and consultant. He has worked as Director of Marketing for an online personal development company, co-founded a variety projects that have each generated multiple 6 and 7 figures, and is the founder of SocialpreneurTV. He is passionate about helping businesses find creative solutions to operate in more environmentally, socially, and financially sustainable ways.

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