Benefits & Challenges Of Hempcrete For Building

Hempcrete housing, UK

In this presentation Alex Sparrow looks at the benefits and challenges of using hempcrete over traditional concrete.

As yet no material is 100% perfect to use for sustainable building. However, hempcrete offers many health and environmental benefits, including a net reduction in CO2, as well as better insulation and longer life than most other options.

If you are considering doing any building this is a must watch.

“I look at the range of materials out there, I cannot find one to match hemp. I can’t find one that has such a low embodied energy, that locks carbon in, and that has such a low environmental impact”
Kevin McCloud , TV Host & Property Developer
Hempcrete housing, UK

The Triangle, a hempcrete housing project Swindon,UK


Alex Sparrow - author of The Hempcrete BookAlex Sparrow is author of ‘The Hempcrete Book’.

He teaches courses on hempcrete building at the Brighton Permaculture Trust, and is co-director of hemp-lime construct, a company focusing on using hempcrete and other environmentally friendly materials to build housing in the UK.

He is also a freelance writer on sustainable building techniques.

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